Apr 102013

Which is the hottest operating system at present? Of course, it is Windows 8. There has been a lot of discussion concerning its latest features, UI overhaul and a lot more ever since it got released. How to do when you forgot Windows 8 password? It is an easy thing if you can sign in with a Microsoft account. Well, you can reset it directly by visiting Microsoft account sign-in webpage. Here it will introduce you 4 easy and quick ways for you to bypass Windows 8 password if you can sign in with a local user account.

Option 1: Find if there’s a password reset disk or password hint available
A previously-created password reset disk or password hint is, actually, the easiest and fastest way to bypass a lost Windows 8 password. With such a password reset disk or password hint at hand, you can easily bypass Windows 8 password in seconds when you forgot it. Lost Windows 8 password? Just try to reset the forgotten password with a previously created password reset disk or by taking advantage of the clues form the password hint.

Option 2: Check if there’s another accessible Windows 8 administrator account
It’s well-know that there are three types of user accounts in Windows: administrator, standard user and guest. And the administrator has the rights to reset the password of other user accounts on the same computer. In Windows 7/Vista/XP, you can easily and quickly bypass any other user password when you log in as administrator. This is no exception to Windows 8. So when you forgot Windows 8 password, sign in without another admin account and reset the user password you’ve forgotten.
The methods work well when you forgot Windows 8 local user password. If you sign in with a Microsoft account and forgot the password, please reset it on Microsoft account sign-in webpage.

Option 3: See if there’s another kind of logon available
Based on Windows 7, Windows 8 adds more great features and one of them is that it allows you to add a PIN and a picture password to Windows 8 user accounts. In this way, you have more methods when you need to bypass lost Windows 8 password. If you have set up the PIN or picture password, other sign-in options will appear on the logon screen after you enter a wrong password to log into Windows 8

Option 4: Seek for a windows 8 password reset tool
Moreover, there is various third-party Windows 8 password reset tools available when you need to bypass lost Windows 8 password. Both free and commercial tools are out here for your choice. For free tool, Ophcrack is your best solution. For commercial software, I recommend you Windows Password Recovery Tool 3.0, which enjoys great popularity among lost windows password users. It allows you to instantly bypass lost windows 8/7/Vista/XP password with a CD/DVD/USB in seconds.

There are so many methods to bypass forgotten Windows 8 password, of which depends on your convenience.

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