Nov 092012

“I can’t log in to Windows 7 on my Dell laptop. I’ve tried every password combination I use for any of my accounts and it wouldn’t let me in. how to hack a dell laptop password so I can get past the login screen?”

dell password cracker

For Dell computer user, in order to prevent others from using their pc, they often create a strong password to ensure their files are private. Well, every coin has two sides. On one hand we can ensure the safe of the Dell pc privacy or confidential files; on the other hand, we are always bothered how to hack a dell laptop password.

Today, we will focus on how to crack password for dell laptop and regain your access into Dell .Of course, if you type”how to hack a dell laptop password”, you will find various related information for this. Indeed, if you forgot dell laptop password, you can reset it by taking a Windows password hint, a password reset disk, a system Installation Disc which is provided by Microsoft or just reinstall your dell laptop. But have you ever realized that these methods can make sense only when they are under some conditions. From now on you do not need to worry about these problems any more.

According to our experience, we would like to recommend you another easier and helpful solution— the third party software. Here we take Windows Password Recovery Tool for example, which is well-recognized and wide-used shareware for Windows password recovery. Its recovery rate is 100% and It requires a bootable CD/DVD or USB flash drive. Now, you can follow the user guide step-by-step to hack dell laptop password within 5 minutes.

How to hack a laptop password dell With Windows Password Recovery Tool?

  • Step 1. Access other PC which isn’t locked, download the Windows Password Recovery Tool, install and run it.
  • Step 2. Burn a password reset disk.
  • Step 3. Connect the nearly created disk with the locked Dell laptop, config bios setting to make sure it boot from the password reset disk, reboot the computer.
  • Step 4. Choose the user that you forgot its password, click “reset” button to begin crack its password.
  • Step 5. A message box will pop up, just click “Yes”, then the user’s password will be cracked to blank.
  • Step 6. Disconnect the password reset disk, and restart Dell laptop. You will login Windows with a blank password.

So, is it more convenient to reset forgotten Dell password with this powerful Windows Password Recovery Tool. Well, this tool applies to all the popular OS like Windows 7/XP/Vista/2000 and Windows Server 2003/2008. How to reset your forgotten Dell Windows login password if you are password-protected? This powerful dell password cracker–Windows Password Recovery Tool will give you a step-by-step guide to hack a dell laptop password with ease.

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