Nov 172012

We all know that a strong Windows XP password can keep our important and private data secure by stopping the unauthorized viewers. But we may forgot it easily for some reasons. Have little computer knowledge? Don’t worry, here is something you need to know for better computer life.

First, we should know that Windows XP has three types of user accounts before we have ever created a new user account on your pc. That is administrator, stand user and guest. They have different privileges. For example, if we want to download or install a new software, or change other settings affecting the PC, an administrator password is required.

Today we have too many passwords to keep track of, like Band card password, Paypal password, email password, etc. If you say “I forgot my XP password” it’s not surprising now. However we can avoid this problem by creating a password reset in advance through the Windows built-in feature. With this password reset disk, we can change a forgotten Windows XP password to a new one when we are locked of PC. To make such a disk, just go to Start -> Control Panel -> Family Safety and User Account -> User Account, next we’ll find the Create a password reset disk on the left pane.

Though Windows xp comes with ability for creating a password reset disk, few people make full use of this feature and create such a disk ahead of forgetting their passwords. What they feel lucky are that there’re so many third-party Windows xp password reset applications for resetting forgotten login password to Windows. Windows Password Recovery Tool is a good example. This program gives you an easy and instant way to create a bootable password reset disk with CD/DVD or USB drive to reset lost Windows XP password and access your PC again. 100% password reset is guaranteed.

At last , I will give some my own tips which will help you prevent windows xp forgot password.

  • Tip 1. Make a strong yet easy-to-remember Windows XP password.
  • Tip 2. Create a password reset disk when set Windows XP password.
  • Tip 3. Don’t use your Windows XP password everywhere.
  • Tip 4. Don’t tell others your password.

However, when you forgot Windows XP password on rare occasions, it may cause serious problems, especially if the files in it are very important. Since losing such files is not an option, reformatting the whole computer by re-installing the operating system is out of the choices. In other words, Windows Password Recovery Tool is still the best solution.

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