Mar 192013

forgot hp laptop passwordAre you not accessing your HP PC? Have you met such a problem: What can I do when I forgot HP laptop password ( on Windows 8/7/Vista/XP/2008/2003/2000? Maybe you are luckily and have not come across such issue before, but others couldn’t avoid it.

Tony:”Forgot my windows 7 login password on HP mini laptop and wondering if any way to help me hack or reset it?”

“I have an HP laptop and recently got it back. It has been 6 months since I last used it and I completely forgot the password. I’ve been looking on how to hack HP password but nothing has worked. I can’t recover using the administrator method because I have the only account and am the admin. Would HP laptop password recovery work? PLEASE HELP!” From Jean

Cheery:”I forget my new hp laptop password and my account is administrator account so please help me to hack password or reset…. and there is no guest account in my laptop so please help….”

“I just changed my password on my HP Pavilion series laptop and now I’m locked out HELPP!?” From Helen

So you can see, forgetting HP password is really a common thing among our PC users. You have no need to worry about forgotten HP password as is not troublesome now. There are some methods enable you to hack HP computer password without data loss when you forgot HP password.

Method 1: Hack or reset HP Windows password with HP password reset disk.
If you have created a HP password reset disk, it can help you to reset the lost HP password easily and instantly. Just three steps:
1. If you enter the wrong password when you attempt to log on, Windows displays a message that the password is incorrect. Click OK and close the message.
2. Click “Reset password” and insert the dell password reset disk.
3. Follow the steps in the Password Reset wizard to create a new password.

Method 2: Reset HP login password with administrator account

If you have another account with admin privileges, you can reset HP password easily on Windows 8/7/Vista/XP/2008/2003/2000. Here take HP Windows 7 laptop for example.
Follow the steps below to reset HP password for windows 7:
Step 1: Login HP laptop with an user account which has administrator privileges.
Step 2: Click Start, type “lusrmgr.msc” in the Search box and press “Enter” key.
Step 3: Open “Users” and then right-click a user account which you want to reset its password and select “Set Password”
Step 4: Input and confirm the new password, click “OK”.

If all of these 2 HP laptop password recovery methods don’t work at all, there is also a lot of password recovery software out there to either to remove, change, or hack HP password for accounts. As for free program, Ophcrack is the best choice. But without basic password cracking knowledge you may can’t get it to work. The HP laptop password recovery time mainly depends on the complexity of your passwords. In other words, if your password is too long or you are computer newbie, it doesn’t work at all. So you had better try the most powerful and easy-to-use windows password reset tool such as Windows Password Recovery Tool.

Method 3: Reset HP password with Windows Password Recovery Tool

1. Download and Install Windows Password Recovery Tool from:
2. Create a HP Windows password reset disk.
3. Start your locked HP laptop from the bootable CD/DVD or USB flash drive.
4. Reset HP Password according instrctions.

Tip and Trick
After regain access your HP laptop, add a password to the user account for the security concerns. In addition, go to the User Accounts windows and click the Create a password reset disk link to create a Windows password reset disk for the HP PC. With this password reset disk, you can reset HP password to a new one in seconds when you forgot HP password again. No any additional programs will be needed.

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