Jul 202012

Millions of people are using or were using Windows XP computer today or in the past. I believe many of them have a good habit of protecting their computer with password. I admit password-protecting Windows XP is quite a good practice of security awareness, however, in today’s world, so many passwords require people to remember. Thus forgetting Windows XP password turns a more and more common problem and issues on how to reset Forgotten XP admin password become pretty hot.

Forgetting Windows XP password and being locked out of the XP machine is surely quite frustrating. However, if you get the exact and right way to reset the forgotten XP password, your depression will soon get lost. Here in this article I will show you an effective way to reset Windows XP password.

Reset XP password with Windows Password Resetter

Windows Password Resetter, a trusted-name in lost or forgotten Windows password recovery, can easily and quickly help you reset the lost Windows XP, Vista, Win7 and even Win 8 password so that to reset your blocked computer. It works through creating a bootable password reset disk on a CD/DVD or USB flash drive to reset a lost password.

Now get Windows Password Resetter

How to create a bootable password reset disk with Windows Password Resetter?

  • Step1. Install and launch this program on an accessible computer.
  • Step2. Insert an empty and writable CD/DVD or USB flash drive into the computer with Windows Password Resetter installed.
  • Step3. Follow the wizard on the interface of the program to burn an XP password reset disk. When the burning process finishes, just remove the disk from the PC.

How to use the bootable disk created by Windows Password Resetter to reset Windows XP password?

  • Step1. Now insert the burned disk to the target XP computer.
  • Step2. Start the computer and press F12, Del or F2 to enter into BIOS. Next, you will reach BIOS SETUP UTILITY>>Boot Device Priority, and just choose CD-ROM or USB and then make it as “1st Boot Device” by moving the cursor. In the end, just click F10 to save the settings and then exit. Then, the computer will reboot automatically.
  • Step3. When the PC boots up, Windows Password Resetter Professional will be initializing with all the user names on the computer displayed. Then, just choose my password-forgotten account and type “y” to reset or reset XP admin password.

Now, you can freely logon to XP without a password.

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