Jul 202012

Forgot laptop Windows 7 password

I got a brand new Windows laptop, installed the operating system, created one account but several days ago I forgot its password and I’ve already tried to remember passwords and tried all candidates with all possible combinations Caps Lock, Num Lock, etc, but all failed. I did have no idea of what I should do or what I can do then.

The best way to reset lost Windows 7 password

One day, when I was wandering about the Internet at home, all of a sudden an article titled as: using the best way to reset forgotten Windows 7 password, came into my view. Yes, this was exactly what I’ve been looking for all these days. With hope and curiosity, I went to read over the article very thoughtfully. Later, I tried the way introduced in that article and succeeded in gaining access to my laptop again. Now I’d like to share with you how I’ve made it.

How to reset Windows 7 password with Windows Password Recovery Professional

Well, first I downloaded a program called Tenorshare Windows Password Resetter. Of course, my new Windows 7 machine cannot let me to download something. But my little young brother had a Windows XP machine. So I borrowed his PC and additionally I also found an empty USB flash drive because this program creates a bootable password reset disk on a CD/DVD or USB flash drive to reset the lost password. And these are preparations for forgotten Windows 7 password reset. Don’t worry about the operation of this program. For the following processes, they are also simple, with 3 steps only. Please follow below to proceed:

Step1: Create a bootable USB flash drive.

After I downloaded the program to my brother’s laptop, I quickly installed and launched it. Next, I inserted a black USB flash drive to this laptop. Soon the PC showed the below interface:
After selecting “USB Flash Drive”, just click “Burn” to start creating a bootable password reset disk. When the burning process finishes, take out the USB from the PC.

Step2: Boot and access to my locked Windows 7 laptop.

Now insert the bootable USB into my locked Windows 7 machine and start it immediately in order to enter to BISO and set the PC boot from USB flash drive there. After that, press F10 to save and exit. Next, the laptop will reboot automatically.

Step3: Remove forgot laptop password Windows 7.

After laptop boots up, Tenorshare Windows Password Resetter initializing with all the user names on my laptop displayed. Then, I just chose my password-forgotten account and typed “y” to reset its password. With less than 1 minute, I got a message “Reset password for another account?”, then I soon typed “n” and rebooted my laptop, this time I didn’t logon with a password.

That’s all I got for lost Windows 7 password reset. Hope it could be any help for you.

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