Dec 182013

Today, Toshiba satellite laptop is known for its value pricing, impressive selection helpful notebook software. When you are using your Toshiba Windows 7 laptop, you may encounter this or that kind of problem, such as forgot Toshiba satellite Windows 7 password. It’ s never any funny, however luckily there is an easy way to solve the Windows 7 password reset problem.

reset toshiba satellite windows 7 password

Use administrator account to reset windows 7 password on Toshiba Satellite laptop

You can ask people has administrator account to help you reset Windows 7 password of Toshiba satellite laptop (also Windows 8/XP/Vista) for you as people with administrator privileges can manage the password of all users. But if you are the only one using this computer, this method could not work.

Use Toshiba Satellite Windows 7 password reset disk

Windows 7 password reset disk can be used to remove Toshiba Satellite administrator password and user account password as well. But the premise is that you have created a Windows password reset disk before you forgot Windows password from Toshiba Satellite. In fact, most people do not.

Without any hesitation, the first software is the best solution if you forgot administrator password for Toshiba Satellite Windows 7 (other user password as well).

Use Toshiba Satellite Windows 7 Password Reset

If you are neither so cautious to create Windows 7 password reset disk in advance nor have other administrator accounts to login, in this case, you can turn to third party software to reset lost password for Toshiba Satellite laptop. Windows Password Key is a powerful tool exactly designed for Windows password reset.
1. Free download and install Windows Password Key in a workable computer. Run the software after installation.
2. Create a password reset disk. Insert a CD/DVD disk or USB flash to the computer. Specify the CD / USB burning drive and click “Burn”.
3. Take out the password reset disk and plug it into your locked Toshiba Satellite laptop. Set BIOS to make this computer to boot from CD/DVD or USB.
4. Wait for the full loading. After that, the Windows Password Key appears again. Follow the steps to reset Toshiba Satellite laptop password.

Video guide about how to reset Windows 7 password on Toshiba Satellite Laptop

After listing several ways to recover Windows 7 password for Toshiba Satellite laptop. We will give some tips for you to avoid forgetting Windows 7 password.

Here are some tips for you to avoid the problem that you forgot Windows 7 password on Toshiba Satellite:

1. Create a password reset disk in advance. When you create your account on Toshiba Satellite laptop, you should also create this tool at the same time.
2. Make a Windows password hint. This hint will remind you what the password is for the user account.
3. Write down your password on a paper and keep it in a safe place.

If you fail to take these tips and forgot your Win 7 password, never let it eat your heart out. You can reset password on Toshiba Satellite laptop with Windows Password Key and regain access to your laptop.

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