Jan 302013

Good news: HP Releases Windows 8 Compatible Computers

Hewlett Packard (HP) has announced the introduction of new consumer and business range of Personal Computers (PCs) that are compatible with the newly-launched Microsoft Windows 8 Operating System (OS).

The new HP products, ranging from stylish notebooks and desktops to a tablet, leverage premium materials and a purposeful design philosophy to deliver a distinct HP look and feel.
The new hybrid PCs come with a detachable screen, a business tablet with functionality-boosting HP Smart Jackets and an ultrathin all-in-one desktop that will enable users to take advantage of Windows 8 along with HP innovations such as HP TouchSmart technology.

forgot hp windows 8 password

Windows 8, work as a powerful operating system, take much convenience to our job and life. In order to make our pc much securer, we would like to set a strong win 8 password. However, forgetting windows 8 password is a common thing. Internet helps us a lot especially when we come across some computer problem. However, When comes to prevent  forgot hp laptop password Windows 8, maybe we have nothing to do with it. Here I would like to share some helpful information with you.

How to Prevent Windows 8 Password Forgot on HP Laptop?

Suggestion 1: Set up a Windows Password Hint

On one hand, you had better create a helpful password hint which will be visible on Windows 8 logon if you enter an incorrect password. On the other hand, the hint should be related to your password so that you may remember your password if you get that hint.
If you forgot Windows 8 password, using a password hint that you have added when you set this account has been proved to be the simplest way to reset lost Windows 8 password.

Note: Password hints are only available for local account users.

Suggestion 2: Create a Picture Password

Picture passwords are easier to remember as they are visuals. If you are using a touch enabled device, it is easy to create a picture password. To create a picture password, open the charms bar and go to Search. Search for “users” and select Users from the search results.
Select “Create a picture password” under Sign-in options.

Suggestion 3: Produce a  Windows 8 Password Reset Disk

Windows 8 password reset disk can give you an even more secure way to secure your win 8 OS. To create a password reset disk, open the Charms bar and go to Search. Search for “password reset”. Click “Settings” under the search field and select “Create a password reset disk” from the search results. Follow the wizard to create the password reset disk. You will need to have a CD/DVD or a USB flash drive for creating a password reset disk.

Suggestion 4: Use Default Windows 8 Administrator Account

Windows 8 Consumer Preview comes with the Administrator account disabled By default. So you should use the computer with a user with Standard privileges. This will help secure your computer even if the account is hacked. This is because the hacker will not be able to change critical settings and delete important files which are necessary to keep the Operating System running. Moreover, you can enable the Administrator account or create another backup account with Administrative privileges so that you may be able to login with the Administrator account to reset the forgotten password.

forgot windows 8 password

What if you have not done one of this for prevent or forgot it? Does it mean you couldn’t recover your forgotten Windows 8 password any longer. Of course not, there are lots of password recovery program also works with Windows 8. You can boot the password recovery tool from CD/DVD and bypass Windows 8 logon and then reset the password once you’re in Windows 8. Here I would like to list top 4 password recovery software for you.
Top 1: Ophcrack
Top 2: Windows Password Recovery Tool 3.0
Top 3: Windows Password Key 8.0
Top 4: SmartKey Windows Password Recovery

More interest, Search on Internet. Google knows everything. Hope you enjoy it!


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