Jul 302012

More likely than not, you’ve been asked in the past to help fix one of your friend’s or colleague’s computers. I believe there are many times when their computers are locked for being passwords forgotten. We all know that Windows local password forgotten is not a big of deal, however, what if we forgot domain password, is there still any chance to rescue?


Good question! For a computer naïve, I’m sure domain could be something unfamiliar. So first, let’s check out what domain and domain account is on earth.


Definition of Domain

A Windows domain is a collection of security principles that share a central directory database. A domain does not refer to a single location or specific type of network configuration. The computers in a domain can share physical proximity on a small LAN or they can be located in different parts of the world.


Definition of domain account

A domain account enables the service to take full advantage of the service security features of Windows Active Directory Domain Service. The service has whatever local and network access is granted to the account or to any groups of which the account is a member.


After knowing that, we are ready to figure out ways when we forgot domain password.

1.    Use a domain admin account to logon to PC and reset the forgotten domain password from command prompt.

(1)  After logon to PC, go to “Start” and then enter “cmd” in the Run command box, next hit “Enter” to open command prompt.

(2)  Now type “net user” (PS. Without quotations) in the command prompt and next hit “Enter”.

(3)  Type net user “xyz Re123456” and then press “Enter”. (PS. xyz is the locked domain account, Re123456 is the new password.)

Note: “Re123456”, the new password should be in line with complexity requirements. You can find those requirements on Microsoft official web.


2.   Make use of Tenorshare Windows Password Resetter Professional to rescue what you forgot the domain password or forgot domain admin password.

If there is no other domain account existed, then you have to use a third party program. Here I take Tenorshare Windows Password Resetter Professional for example. Below are the detailed instructions.

Step1: Download Tenorshare Windows Password Resetter Professional online and then install, run it on any accessible PC.

Step2: Insert the prepared CD/DVD/USB to computer for burning the Windows Password Resetter Professional ISO image file into it.

Step3: After the burning process finishes, you just take out of your newly burned device and insert it to your locked computer.

Step4: Start the locked computer and set it boot from CD/DVD/USB Flash Drive. After setting done, reboot the computer, you will see the interface of Tenorshare Windows Password Resetter Professional.

Step5: Select Windows installation in which you would like to remove password from. Then choose the domain account whose password you want to change. Remove domain password simply by clicking “Reset” icon in the interface.

forgot domain password

Step6: Next, you will get a message “Remove the password successfully”, click “OK” to close the pop-up message window and then click “Reboot” to finish all the process.


That’s all what I’ve got to rescue a domain account with password forgotten. Welcome your suggestions!

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