Dec 072012

Jingle bells, jingle bells… Jingle all the way….

Hello friends, Christmas 2012 is coming soon. It is a time for giving and gratitude. In this warm and wonderful holiday season,  it  marks the start of online shopping season of the year. Though 2012 Christmas is  few days away, there is a collection of software giveaways, discount sales and promotions on the Internet.

So this Christmas (25th of December), don’t be scared to take advantage of some terrifyingly great deals available on software which can potentially save you dozens of dollars.

Good news! PasswordSeeker introduces a special offer for PC users as a Christmas gift. Buy Windows Password Key Enterprise in only $44.95 ( orginal $ 79.95 , up to 35% discount) for those who want to reset any Windows domain or local password and get Advanced PDF Converter to convert word,excel,ppt to pdf or pdf to word for free now.

With this package you can easily regain access to your computer and enjoy reading PDF files made by yourself in Christmas.

PasswordSeeker may you a happy Christmas and a great promotion of your computer life  in 2012!

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